Ron Rhodes Sets New Small Block Nitrous Record On 275s At Lights Out 9! 4.38 1/8th Mile!

THE Ron Rhodes has been a fixture in the world of small tire racing for years now, ...

THE Ron Rhodes has been a fixture in the world of small tire racing for years now, his trademark red first gen Camaro with the black scoop constantly a frontrunner in X275, one of the  most competitive classes in all of drag racing. The class is tightly policed by rules-maker John Sears, who is constantly balancing the different power-adder combinations to keep the playing field level as technology advances and cars inevitably get quicker. That’s a huge part of the reason you’ll find turbocharged small blocks, centrifugally supercharged small blocks, nitrous big blocks, and of course, Rhodes’ chosen combo, nitrous small blocks all battling it out for the class paycheck on any given weekend.

Rhodes, who was noticeably quiet in 2017, looks to be on course to make waves in 2018 after ripping off a string of solid passes at Lights Out 9 last weekend. HIs car seemingly back up to the level we’re used to seeing in the past, the Middletown, DE native played around in the deep 4.40’s all weekend, and on this particular pass, he threw everything at the track and it stuck!

As you can see in the excellent footage from Justin Malcom of the JMalcom2004 YouTube channel, the Camaro drove straight down Broadway to blast to a new small block nitrous record and come within spitting distance of the overall X275 class record. Keep in mind, this is a small tire car on 275 radials covering the 660’ drag strip in less than 4.4 seconds at 160 MPH, all numbers that are absolutely stellar. Ron has held the overall class record in the past and is consistently one of the quickest nitrous cars in the class at every event he attends, thanks to his Induction Solutions nitrous setup that hammers his small block powerplant with a huge shot of spray that makes these numbers possible. With such a strong start to the 2018 season, expect to hear the name Ron Rhodes often throughout the rest of the year.

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