Messing With the Wrong People… Range Rover Driver Loses His Mind!

Sometimes, you may just have a bad day and want to take it out on an inanimate object ...

Sometimes, you may just have a bad day and want to take it out on an inanimate object or other people on the streets that you never met before. Apparently, that was the case for this guy as he really ended up taking out his anger in the most physical way they possibly could. It’s not really clear what upset this man but what is clear is the way that he disposed of that anger. In this one, we watch as he pulls up to a gate that I guess was supposed to open but when it refused to, he began his fit of rage, taking it upon himself to get out of the vehicle and start trying to destroy the machinery that controls the gate along with the gate itself.

This isn’t where the rage would end, though, as the gate would eventually open and allow the Range Rover to move through. Instead, he would continue on with his anger, getting inside of the gate and eventually reversing his vehicle to plow his way back out of the parking lot once again. Once he got back out of the parking lot, he proceeded to get angry at someone sitting outside of the lot, waiting on their turn to get in, accelerating at them and jamming on the brakes just moments before hitting the car. All in all, I guess that you could say that he really was angry at something and needed to get it out in such a way that would prompt someone to call the cops!

Follow along with this unexplainable fit of rage and be sure to tell us what you think of a display like this. Personally, I’m not sure that there would be anything that would be able to get most this physically angry but I guess that there was an outside factor then ended up provoking this driver to the point where he decided to publicly make a fool of himself.

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